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There has been rapid growth in Industrialization & Urbanization in recent years in India & this has resulted in drastic increase in number of vehicles on roads.  

India accounts for about 10 per cent of the total 1.2 million fatal accidents in the world

About 3 lac accidents are reported per year in India, in which about 105,000 persons are killed and nearly 6, 00, 000 injured.  In Delhi alone, about 7 people die every day.  About 75% of these are pedestrians, cyclists and scooter/motorcyclists.  Around 70% of the accidents occur due to bad driving, lack of traffic sense & poor road conditions. Although human limitations and deficiencies can be taken care of, to a reasonable extent, by providing safe road elements and improved vehicle design, it is the road user ultimately, who by his proper conduct and behaviors can ensure & contribute to road safety on the roads. Hence it becomes necessary to improve our culture on the road and learn and maintain road discipline’

The WHO suggests that road accidents are diseases like any other. “ If road accidents are tackled  by methods similar to those used against the great killer diseases, the present epidemic of road deaths could be made to disappear just as plague and  smallpox have now been eliminated almost every where in the world”,
AISD based around their Suraksha Post License Driver Training Course & Jagriti Road Safety Awareness
Program. Defensive driving & developing respect for the right of others to share the road are important
constituents in both Suraksha & Jagriti.

Aravali Institute of safe driving was established on 09th March ’08 with a view to meet driver training requirement & raise driving standard through various training courses for new and experienced drivers & spread road safety awareness among all road users.

The Institute was inaugurated by Ms. Susanne Ebner (Director, Hubert Ebner Academy, Wels, Austria)
Inaugural function was presided over by local Traffic Police Commissioner.

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